Cosmac Elf simulator in JavaScript
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(PL) Emulator mikrokomputera Cosmac Elf
napisany w calosci w JavaScript
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by Maciej Szyc (cosmac'at'
September 2006, Swidnica, Poland.

NOTE: This original program has SEVERE bugs in it that the author does not intend on correcting.
You should use the new, corrected, modified, and enhanced version, here:
SimElf++ / COSMAC Elf2
The original author's page is still available online at the creator's website. (as of Apr. 10, 2013)
Please see the original page at the original location by clicking
(this page is archived here for historical and archival purposes only,
in an attempt at a due-diligence implementation of the concept of
fair use,
especially as it regards (potential / future) Orphan works and Abandonware, &tc.,
in the ever-changing and ephemeral world of the Internet and World Wide Web,
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