Sites of Interest


Following is a list of websites that may be of interest to our visitors.
(not necessarily in any particular order)

    William Donnelly-House.net    (You are here)

    I, Popeye — An Author's Meanderings
    Featuring Katydid – A Post-Apocalyptic Novelette; and Zombie Stories

    Freelance Affordable Independent-Novel Editing

    Diamantine Clarity
    A Lucid Dream Web Journal for The Unwashed Masses

    Chico Writers' Mastermind Group

    Chico Writers' Mastermind Group MeetUp

    Writers' Lounge

    North State Writers

    California Writers Club

    Rights Activism

    Simplexity Cypher

    Chico Sky Watch (Anti-GeoEngineering Aerosol Spraying)

    MDCCCII.com (1802 CRAV Computing)

    CRAV Computing (Classic / Retro / Antique / Vintage)

    Hey, Teddy! Web Series

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