MasterMind A Game of Skill and Logic


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This is the new version of my MasterMind game with larger, better graphics, and some additional enhancements that allow Super MasterMind or Deluxe MasterMind mode with 5 rows, and the choice of 6 or 8 colors.

Other than that, it is basically the same as my original version that was located at If that game is no longer available, an archived version can be found here. This JavaScript-programmed online web game was one of the first, possibly the first, versions available on the Internet.
Note: Does not work well in the Internet Explorer browser. Use Firefox, Pale Moon, or some other decent browser.

Quick Help

Click the Question Mark to have a random starting color peg sequence selected for you. Otherwise click one of the colored pegs to choose which color you want to display where the Question Mark is located.

In this version of the game, you can only have one instance of each color peg per column. (this is the 'easy' version of the game)

After the first row is selected, you can click the red/yellow/white arrow Next/Guess icon to try your guess, or click on the colored pegs to cycle through the possible colors.

When you make your deduction guess, small black and white pegs will display above the column to tell you how many pegs are the correct color in the correct row. Black means correct color in the correct row. White means correct color, wrong row. No pegs means you have not selected all of the correct color pegs. Using these clues, you can logically deduce ('guess') the correct sequence, which is 'hidden' under the final column of hooded pegs. (the 'answer' goal)

You continue to change the peg colors in this manner until you deduce the correct peg sequence. You have 12 chances. If you guess correctly, or use up all of your chances, the correct sequence will be displayed and you can click the New Game icon to try again.

You can get clues as to what color peg is in each row by double-clicking the 'hood' at the end of each row. Double-click the hood icon and the colored peg will be displayed.

Warning: Reloading the page will reset the game in progress.

The original web program, graphics, and interface were developed and programmed by Bill Donnelly circa 1997, and enhanced in 2014.


Copyright © 1997-2015 by William H. Donnelly at Donnelly House