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This English to Pig Latin translation program performs a (near-) perfect translation of any English text to Pig Latin. Words, phrases, sentences, paragraphs and more.

There are many dialects and forms of Pig Latin which vary from region to region, country to country, and language to language, as well as other similar, and dissimilar, Pig Latin-like 'languages'. The dialect shown here tends to hail from California/West Coast of the United States.

Basically, the Pig Latin system used here works as follows:

The algorithm incorporates the following features and special case functionality:

The routines are written in standard, client-side, browser-executed JavaScript, and uses HTML Form objects (Text Areas, Text fields, Buttons and Check Boxes). The algorithms were developed and programmed by Bill Donnelly circa 1997.

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Links:    More Pig Latin information than you ever wanted to know about.

The Internet (World Wide Web, et al.) is becoming and/or has effectively become an Encyclopaedia Galactica.

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First and foremost, Google me this!

Note: The Google Web Directory has been shut down, but there is a version at dmoz.org, so you will be directed to it now, or try the Yahoo directory below.

The (non-)Google Web Directory listing for
           Science > Social Sciences > Linguistics > Languages > Constructed > Play > Pig Latin.
The Yahoo Directory for
           Social Science > Linguistics and Human Languages > Words and Wordplay > Pig Latin.
Perform an extensive Google search for even more Encyclopaedia Galactica references to "Pig Latin". (or see links below)
Are you brave enough to search with Google using Pig Latin??
(doesn't work as well as it used to)
Or, perform a Google search of your choice:


More links and some of these web pages link back to this page:
    (listed in no particular order; not all rated 'G'; some PG-13 +/-)
Note that some pages have disappeared, and are linked to via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine version when possible, others have been removed.

The Wikipedia Pig Latin page
Applelinks Article: Igpay Atinlay (Pig Latin) Encoding May Defeat Napster Filters
Applelinks Article: More And Less Pig Latin On The Web
Riverdale Library Youth Services
Get a Web-Organized Life
Word Play
All THE BEST CENTRAL-Your Humor Page. Laughter is your best medicine.
Brainlock.org Webertainment: the fun, the weird, and the just strange!!
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This translator has been accessed millions of times. The counter was lost on the original page. The last known count was 1,596,824 hits sometime before 2000. At one time it was the most popular Pig Latin page on the Internet and it is still easily in the top ten.

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