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You only get one chance to make a first impression.


As authors, we need to respect our audience and remove all unnecessary distractions from our story.


If you would like to engage our services, or have questions, please contact us at this e-mail address:


We offer a FREE analysis of the first chapter (or more) of your novel if you are unsure of its editing state. Be forewarned that we almost always find errors, issues, & problems.


It's never too late to have a nicely-edited novel.


Most self-published novels need additional polish and clean-up editing.


We offer low-cost, affordable proofreading and copy editing of independently published novels.


More than a couple of editing errors for a novel is too many.


As a writer and author, you deserve to have a nicely-edited novel.
– Your novel deserves to be properly edited.
– Your readers and fans deserve to have a novel that is a joy to read with as few editing issues as possible.


We generally do not work on non-fiction and other works, but you can contact us to discuss other possibilities.

Client Reference List

See this page for an example edit notes document
and to see at what level we perform and what we can do for you.


Mike Manly and the Post Apocalyptic Detective Agency: Grey Matters
Author:   Daniel Donnelly
Website: mikemanly.com/
E-book: (no longer available)
Paperback: amazon.com/Mike-Manly-Apocalyptic-Detective-Agency/...


The Clearing
The Perimeter
    (books 2 and 3 of the Outside series trilogy)
Author:   Shalini Boland
Website: someonewotwrites.blogspot.com/
E-book: amazon.com/CLEARING-Outside-Book-2-ebook/...
E-book: amazon.com/PERIMETER-Outside-Book-3-ebook/...


Love, Death, & The After: Part 1: Darkness
Author:   CK Page
Website: CK Page – that author guy
E-book: amazon.com/Love-Death-After-Part-Darkness-ebook...

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